Health Equity in the Comprehensive Plan

Between 2008 and 2012, OPHI collaborated with the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) and various stakeholders to ensure that health objectives and actions were integrated into the citywide, strategic planning process called the Portland Plan. The Portland Plan was adopted by City Council in spring of 2012.

More on OPHI’s efforts on advocacy throughout the Portland Plan. 

 Health and Equity Comp Plan Network

OPHI is leading a collaborative effort to ensure that a health and healthy equity framework is well integrated into Portland’s Comprehensive Plan. By working with Multnomah County Health Department, the Urban League of Portland and others, OPHI convenes the “Health Equity Comp Plan Network.”

The Network provides monthly updates on information related to the Comp Plan process, shares information from OPHI and partners who are participating on and actively monitoring the Comp Plan Policy Expert Groups (PEGs), and asks Network members for their input and feedback to bring a collective voice on health and health equity issues in the Comp Plan.

The Health and Equity Comp Plan Network :

  • Provides resources on how PEG issues relate to health and equity.

  • Provides a forum for PEG members and other stakeholders to strategize about how to best incorporate health and equity.

  • Delivers presentations and technical assistance on health and equity to support stakeholder involvement on PEGs and other Comp Plan activities.

  •  Gathers and analyze existing health data and map health-related information.

  • Develops health and equity goals and benchmarks related to PEG proposals.  

For more information and resources or to be added to the Health and Equity Comp Plan Network listserv, contact Karli Thorstenson.